Vision Framework


Core Purpose : To play a prominent role in transforming human existence thereby making life affordable, easier and beautiful for the masses

Core Value

  • Timely supply of quality products. All the time, Every time.
  • Customer satisfaction in every sphere.
  • Making profits through right and ethical means.
  • Maintaining excellent relations with principals, suppliers,  and Customers & Employees.
  • Continuous Upgradation & improvement in every sphere of activity.


Vivid Description

“20 years from now, Jaydip Agencies would have elevated itself from being a Family Managed Business to a professionally run Organization and will be recognized as the Best Managed Distribution Unit across the Globe by then, we would have moved to a 5000 sq. Feet integrated office headquartered in Mumbai with its branch offices in all metro and Tier 11 cities of the nation. It will be away from all sorts of malice, prejudice and organizational politics and will only stand committed to providing a peaceful and enjoyable work environment to all its employees such that coming to work will be a bliss in itself. Our employees will be entrepreneurs in their own right and will continuously experience the joy of entrepreneurship through proactive and independent decision making. We would be regarded as the most dominant players in the Distributing sphere as well and the top most Chemical Magazines of the country will carry news articles written by us. Through Jaydip Agencies, we will provide an on-job-learning platform to fresh graduates and be instrumental in laying the foundation for their career advancement. Jaydip will act as a catalyst in self-sustaining NGOs by providing them with entrepreneurial opportunities thereby instilling in them the Spirit of Entrepreneurship. Lastly, Jaydip will break the “need-based”myth of a Distribution Network and will be known as the force binding the suppliers and the end users in a relationship guided by extreme trust and comradry like never before”